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Having Parents
By Regina Margaret

Being a parent is hard, having parents is sometimes harder.

Having foster parents means they don't know about when you were really little. It means that they established a life and family when the one that was supposed to care for you was falling apart.

It means that they have different rules, different tempers, different foods, different pets.

It means you now have different siblings.

It means that someone didn't want you, and it means that someone does.

Having foster parents means that you have to think before you speak. You have to learn how to behave. You have to know how to take constructive criticism.

Being a kid in a new home is hard. You want to fight back because everything you're used to controlling is gone. Because everything that was out of control is in control...its confusing. Everyone who was big and powerful and caused pain is gone...replaced by people who don't want to cause pain...but WHY?

I'll admit...even at my age I hold out. I won't speak when I am told something. I argue incessantly. I want to be right. I bring up my parents and my family when I want to be right. I want to know the things I used to know and not swim in the difference. I will lie about stupid things...ESPECIALLY feelings.

A week before my 21 birthday, after 20 years of abuse I was adopted into a family. Its nearly been six months now....and when I see the boards I feel torn. I know raising kids isn't easy...but I also feel for the kids because right now I can see why they act the way they do.


"Men can only be happy when they do not assume that the object of life is happiness."
         George Orwell

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