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Mother/Child Logo

Perhaps you are wondering why I chose a picture of a securely attached mother & child to depict the theme of an attachment disorder support group? I had several reasons for doing so.  What you see in the picture is what every parent of a child with attachment disorder desires. Many parents take that kind of relationship for granted. For parents of children with attachment issues, every day is a struggle to reach the ultimate goal; a secure, reciprocal attachment with their child. This picture represents peace and serenity, regardless of the status of your relationship with your child and is a reminder of what your goals are.  You can achieve this with your child! 

I would like this picture to remind you that there can be peace, love, and joy in your life. When it has been an awful day, you can look at this picture and build your strength, your peace, your love, and your joy. You may not be able to impact your child in the same way at that particular time, but you can model those behaviors yourself! You have to take care of yourself first! You will see this picture all through this site. I hope it helps to ease your tensions, increase your peace, and build your hope. I also envision this picture reminding struggling parents to hold on to their hope. Tremendous things can be accomplished with just a little hope. If a mustard seed can move a mountain, just imagine what you can do with your hope! Even if it is as small as a seed, hold on to it, nuture it, water it, and allow it to grow.

heart3.gif (2719 bytes)The third reason I chose this picture is for the example it provides on how to play the "staring game". Yes, children with attachment disorder will play this game! You have to make it a game and make sure it is non-threatening. Make it a contest to see who can stare into the other's eyes the longest. You must have eye-to-eye contact or you are cheating! With many kids, a few seconds may be all they can tolerate in the beginning. No problem! Let them win, tell them what a wonderful job they did, and teasingly tell them you will beat them the next time! ;)


"Men can only be happy when they do not assume that the object of life is happiness."
         George Orwell

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"It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow."





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