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Stress in Women

Stress has become the norm these days.  Come on, anyone who is current on living in 2000 knows exactly what I mean.  People are excusing it off as the norm, everyone has it.  It has become a by product of living.  High blood pressure, heart problems, multiple medical problems, etc. etc.  Almost everyone middle aged woman or man suffers from this problem.  Especially women!  Most men do not understand the stressors on a woman's life.  Heck, they have their own stress problems!  On the same token most women do not understand the stressors on a man's life.

Why is everyone so stressed out these days?  Stiff competition at the workplace, it no longer is just "fast food" it has become "fast lifestyles"

Dr. Kevin Leman has spent years studying stress in women.  He has defined the most common stress points in a woman's life.

6 stress points in a woman's life
by Dr. Kevin Leman

Children: Having them, caring for them, disciplining them, training them.

Time: Being overscheduled, dashing through life, living the typical hectic life-style that everybody thinks should be the norm today.

Husbands: Enough said

: Usually the lack of same, learning to manage it, learning to do without.


If you have a special needs child you can expect your stress level to be even higher!