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: Heart and feet
: Hope June 22, 2014, 08:30:41 PM
Pastor said some interesting things today.

The feet follow where the heart has already gone.
For a Christian...God's Word -> your heart -> your feet.
For our kids its always a heart thing.  They didn't have Gods Word or love from their families.  Hurt fed their hearts and survival.  So their hearts are broken and malignant.  As their parents we know where their hearts are and how quickly their feet follow.  We try to stop those feet and battle the feelings of failure when we can't change their hearts.  Others believe their hearts are happy and we are feeding bitterness into them.  They don't get the cycle.

: Re: Heart and feet
: Hope June 22, 2014, 08:33:02 PM
And we can't change their hearts.  They must chose to allow the change.

: Re: Heart and feet
: anne June 23, 2014, 08:18:08 AM
So many times I've wondered what 'good' we've done our kiddos as there is little/no change.  But, where Dh and I are at now, is releasing their future heart changes to God and just being hands/feet when/where possible to our two kiddos.  We'll do what our children cannot.  When they are ready, they will have a path to follow.  If they are never ready, the path at least was given.  We're just trusting that God can sew together, our patches, into His quilt.  Thank you for this!
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: Re: Heart and feet
: RADDails June 23, 2014, 10:05:36 AM
I often ponder God in all of this.  Not from a doubtful position, just from a "Gee whiz" kind of innocence.

I've been guilty of using Mary and Jesus as an example when trying to explain, yet again, why you should just do what your parents asked.  (this is with DD11, who is 'attached' but still troubled by unknown causes)

"Jesus, would you take out the trash?"

"Sure mom!"

"Jesus, T  R  A  S  H!"

"Got it!"

Mary looks out the kitchen window and sees the trash camel ambling away, then notices the garbage pail in her kitchen.

"Jesus, did you take the trash out?"

"Sure mom, just did it."

I have a hard time seeing Mary scolding Jesus, or trying to explain why he should have done as he was asked, or just said "Sorry mom, don't feel like doing it!"  or even "Yo, witch, take the danged trash out yourself."

Privately, hubby and I laugh about Mary's possible reactions to a RAD Jesus, who technically could have some attachment issues.  You know, he never knew his real father, and this strange man adopted him....

Anyway, could you hear Mary.... "Jesus, don't make me call your Father!" 

I'm hoping I'm not struck by an Old Testament bolt of lightning, but I believe God doesn't mind a little levity at his expense in all of this trauma drama.

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