Daughter illustration
  To My Daughter, I Love You
My day becomes wonderful
when I see your
pretty face smiling so sweetly
There is such warmth and intelligence
radiating from you
It seems that every day
you grow smarter and more beautiful
and every day
I am more proud to be your mother

As you go through the many stages of life
you should be aware that there will be times
when you feel scared and confused
but your strength and values
will help you grow from your experiences
and you will understand more about people and life
I have already gone through
these stages
So if you need advice or someone to talk to
to make sense out of it all
I hope that you will talk to me
as I am continually cheering for your happiness
my sweet daughter
and I love you
                                                                            Susan Polis Schutz

     You'll Always Be a Special Part of My Life!
With Love, from...