Who Am I?

1. "Twice I was in danger of losing my partner. Each time I tried to keep my partner by lies and deception. God reproved me for this, and taught me how to keep a loved one by fully yielding that loved one to him". Who am I?

2. "I was faced with the situation of being separated from my partner or lowering my standards. I willfully and wrongfully chose to lower my standards. The consequences of my failure are still being felt. I confessed my sin. God forgave me and gave me an important message for my children". Who am I?

3. " One evening when I should have been working, I was relaxing. I fell into temptation and committed adultery. People greatly respected me, so I tried to cover my sins. This resulted in a greater sin. God publically exposed all my sins, and taught me the true meaning of repentance and fearing the Lord. I have written out my testimony for others. Who am I.?

4. " I spent many years trying to keep the law of God. The problem was that I was trying to do it in my own energy. As a result, I failed. I failed so badly that I became as accomplice to a murder! But God forgave me and taught me how his Grace fulfilled the law it was his power rather then mine. I have been able to each many others this same truth." Who am I?

5. " I wanted to please my husband. He wanted something that I could not to him. I should just trust God to work it out, but instead I took matters into my own hands. My efforts caused conflicts from the very beginning; and they continue to do so, but God is faithful. He finally taught me the secret of trusting him and obeying my husband. This secret can help other women if they follow it." Who am I?

6. " God states that the sins of the parents are visited to their children. I can testify to this accuracy. The very same problems that my parents had during their marriage I had in mine. I should have learned from their mistakes, but I didnt. God was merciful to me when I returned to Him." Who am I?

7. "There were many valid reason why I could not trust my husband. Others couldnt him either! As a result, we didnt have the closeness that we should have had in our marriage. This caused severe conflicts among our children. Eventually, my husband totally conquered his problem and became an example to many. Both I and most of the children Got out from under his authority and were severely judged by God." Who am I?

8. " There is no excuse for my failure. I had the perfect husband, no competition from other women, an ideal environment, no financial worries, and a very close fellowship with the Lord. You would have thought that I no complaints, however, my message to other women is that no matter how much we have, Satan can still beguile us if we listen to him at all." Who am I?

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